Maid's Canyon Weddings

Elegant Rustic Weddings in Central Oregon

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Venue rental fee?

$3600 for weddings up to 150 guests

How do we book a tour?

Fill out the form on the contact page and let me know when you would like to come and look.

How do we reserve a date?

The deposit is $900 which reserves your date and is 1/4 of the venue fee.

Can we make payments?

Yes. After you put down a deposit, three payments of $900 can be scheduled.

What does your wedding assistant do?

She basically acts as a day of event coordinator. She arrives 2 hours before your event and can help with decor if you need it. She will help you stick to your timeline, answer any questions, problem solve any "hiccups", monitor bathrooms and garbage cans for servicing, help vendors find their set up places and anything else that may need an extra hand.

What time should we have our wedding?

In the spring I recommend 2-3pm, in the hot summer months 4-6pm and in the fall 3-4pm.

How much time do we have for set up, ceremony and reception?

You can do some set up Friday when you come for your rehearsal.  On the day of your wedding, you will have access from 10 am to midnight. Your reception may continue until 10 pm which will give you 2 hours for tear down and cleanup.

When do we decorate?

You may do some decorating on Friday but the details are usually added Saturday.

Do you have decor we can borrow?

Yes!  We have round wood slabs, clear glass cake plates, vintage blue mason jars, 4 wine barrels, some vases, wood stumps to create height on a dessert table, cake knife and servers, and various hand made signs. You are welcome to borrow these at no charge.

When can we do our rehearsal?

Rehearsal is usually Friday afternoon or early evening.

Do you provide table clothes?


Do you have garbage cans and garbage service.?

Yes. We have both cans and a dumpster.

At what age is a child counted as a guest?

Over the age of 5.

Will someone be around during rehearsal and set up to help and answer any questions we may have?

Yes. I or a member of my team will be there to assist.

I'm excited to do what I can to make your event beautiful and to help you create happy memories for you and your guests!  Diane