Maid's Canyon Weddings

Frequently Asked Questions

Elegant Rustic Weddings in Central Oregon

What is the venue rental fee? 

     For weddings up to 150 people the venue fee is $2900.

How do we reserve a date and how much is the deposit to hold that date?

     The deposit is $500.  Once you have signed the contract and paid the deposit, the date will be yours!

How do we book a tour?

     Fill out the form on the contact page and let me know when you would like to come and look!

May we take engagement pictures at Maid's Canyon?

     Yes!  You and your photographer may schedule a time with us to do that after you have booked you date at no additional charge.

Is the wedding aisle grass?

     No, it is paver bricks.  The bridal party will be standing in the grass though, so the type of heel your bridesmaids choose may be important. Do we want them standing on their toes so their heels don't sink into the grass?  Maybe not.

How many people fit in the Tipi bridal suite?

     We have had an entire wedding party of 18 in there!  It is 20 feet wide and is very tall.  Someone once asked if their 6 foot tall bridesmaid would fit and the answer is Yes! Another 6 foot tall bridesmaid could even stand on her shoulders!

Where is the groomsmen's area?

     It is located in the loft of the barn.  Very fun! 

What can the flower girl use to sprinkle on the aisle?

     She can use real flower petals.  That is such a classic, beautiful, earth friendly choice.  We have lots of roses here and you can gather a few petals at your rehearsal or right before the ceremony. Also, I'll have dried petals as an option. 


What time should we have our wedding?

     In the spring I recommend 2-3pm, in the hot summer months 4-6pm and in the fall 3-4pm.  this is for the comfort of your guests.

How much time do we have for set up. ceremony and reception?

     On the day of your wedding, you will have access from 10 am to midnight.  Your reception may continue until  10pm, which will give you 2 hours for tear down and cleanup.

When do we decorate?

     You may come on the property the day of the wedding as early as 10am to decorate.

Are candles allowed?

     Candles are allowed in the spring in tall glass candle holders with the flame 2 inches below the top of the holder, or in hurricane lanterns.  Keep in mind that for daytime weddings, other decor might be more striking. Other times of the year LED candles are recommended.

Are sparklers allowed?

     Do you think that is a good idea near an old barn and in our dry high desert climate? Now glo sticks in your wedding colors instead might be fun and nobody gets scorched!

Do you have decor we can borrow?

     Yes!  We have round wood slabs, clear glass pedestal cake plates, vintage blue mason jars, wine barrels, white flower pots, white vases, wood stumps to create height on a dessert table, cake knife and servers, and more.  Also various hand made signs. You are welcome to "borrow" these at no charge.

Can we use nails or screws or tacks to decorate? 

     You can use zip ties and pipe cleaner wires to decorate. There are already nails in some places. This is because if everyone put nails in the barn walls and timbers, soon it would be a holey mess! Check with us if you need help while decorating.

When can we do our rehearsal?

     If there is no wedding on Friday you have access to the property for two hours Friday afternoon to do your rehearsal. If there is a Friday wedding, then your rehearsal time is  Thursday afternoon.  A Friday wedding has rehearsal  Thursday early afternoon.

How much time do we have for a rehearsal?

     Two hours .  There may be another happy wedding party before or after you so let's keep everyone happy by sticking to your time slot!

Are tables and chairs included?

     Yes!  We have 160 chairs and 15 sixty inch round  banquet tables which seat eight each.

Do the chairs need to be "flipped"?

     If you use all the chairs for the ceremony site, they will need to be brought down to the barn area.  It's not far.  You can assign a chair crew to put them in a pickup and bring them down.  

Do you have farm tables?

     Yes, we have 4 ten foot hand made farm tables which seat 8 to 10 depending on how you set them up.  They seat 4 on each side and 1 on each end. These are included.

What kind of chairs do you have?

     We have 160 white vinyl folding wedding chairs.

Do you provide table clothes?

     Not as a rule.  If you are having a small wedding we do have 7 white table clothes that reach the ground.  There is an additional fee of $10 per table clothe because they will need to be laundered and ironed afterward. 

Are garbage cans provided? 

     Yes, 1 large "burn barrel" type garbage can painted black and white and one green for recyclables.  Also 3 smaller rusty barrels which blend in when set strategically.

Are children allowed?

     Children are welcome.  Please keep in mind that this is a property in the middle of sage brush country which means critters live here.  Some are nice, some not so nice so children must be supervised at all times.  If you want to invite children and would like to party, its a good idea to set up a nanny tent and hire someone to entertain the children.  That would be very loving of you!

At what age is a child counted as a "guest"?

     Over the age of 5.

Could we bring our own food?

     We require a caterer with insurance.  We want all of your guests to be healthy and happy and we want your family to be able to enjoy the day and not have to do food cleanup afterwards.  You can find reasonable prices for catering and we do not require a specific caterer.

Is there a Kitchen?

     There is a large workbench in the barn where caterers can set up out of site for prepping. There is access to water .

Is there easy access to the venue?

     You and your vendors are able to drive right up to the barn entrances to load and unload.  There is plenty of room to turn around.

Can we serve alcohol? is our required liquor vendor.  Brooke and her husband are lovely people and will help you with your liquor budget. They live in Prineville and bring out their beautiful horse trailer bar for your event. 

Do we need a liquor vendor if we only serve beer?

     Yes,  Brooke at has several taps in her mobile bar trailer.  Having them serve your guests will keep everyone happy and safe and that's what we want!

Do we need a bartender if we only want to serve a keg of beer?

     Yes! can serve any type of keg beer you like.  And being in Central Oregon there are lots of options!

May we have alcohol in the Bridal suite or Groomsmen areas?

     You may arrange that with Brooke from

Is self serve outside liquor or beer or wine allowed? 

     All alcohol must be provided by Rollin Spirit Co.  If outside alcohol and self serving is discovered, you would be breaking your contract with Brooke and she might take her trailer and leave!  We wouldn't want that!  We want you and your guests to have a fun and safe time at your lovely reception!

Do you have a sound system? 

     We have a small tailgater sound system with a wireless microphone that can be used for your rehearsal.  You can connect your phone via blue tooth to it.

Do you have cell service at Maid's Canyon?

     Yes.  We had a successful zoom ceremony with guests from all over the world. 

Where does the DJ or band set up?

     We have an area in the loft that overlooks the reception area in the barn.

Do you have a covered place for the DJ to mic the ceremony?

     Yes, there is a log gazebo in the rose garden that can be used for that purpose.

Do you have neighbors we should be concerned about disturbing?

     Loud music ends at 10pm.  During cleanup and tear down, quieter music could be played.

Are dogs welcome? 

     Special pets that are part of the ceremony are allowed.  They must be kept on a leash and supervised the rest of the event.

Is smoking allowed?

     Yes, in a designated area.

Do you have heaters if it is cool?

     Yes, we have 3 large propane patio heaters, 2 tabletop pro[ane heaters and a heater in the tipi.  We also have a wood burning Franklin stove in the barn where guests can warm up if they get chilled. These are included at no extra charge.

What if it's really hot?

     We will put up an area with water misters for people to cool off.  This is included.

What if it rains? 

     Well have to stay in the barn! Unless you grew up in the valley.  Those people don't mind wandering around in the rain!.  Also umbrellas can be cute!

Can cars be left overnight?

     Cars can be left overnight but be sure they are locked. Please get them before 10 am since there may be another event the next day.

What about Covid? 

     If it is still a risk in 2021, I have a machine that makes a sanitizing water approved by the EPA to kill viruses in less that one minute.  A bottle of this water will be provided for each guest.  Also it helps to be an outside venue because UV light kills the virus.  We abide by all govenment regulations concerning this pandemic.

Will someone be around during rehearsal and set up to help and answer any questions we may have? 

     Yes!  I or a member of my team will be there to assist. 

I'm excited to do what I can to make your event be beautiful and to ensure you and your guests are safe and create many happy memories!  Diane